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Updated:  9-Jun-17

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Boot Storage BagA comfy, cozy place for your convertible top's boot (cover)!

Made of vinyl with soft felt inside, this product provides a place to store your Cabriolet's boot… no more flopping around inside the trunk, getting dirty.

Comes with CABRIOLET embroidered in lower right corner.

Wiring diagrams… if you have an '85 or '86 Cabriolet, you know the Bentley reprints are barely legible.  All others can be easily read, but ain't it a pain to see nothing but black and white?  Fully redrawn color diagrams complete with corrections, and each set is complete for your car's year (i.e. no more flipping back to an index for the "extra" diagrams).

Coming in the future.

Boot Storage Bag